Keeping your classrooms connected

Because education continues to change so rapidly, our future is based on solutions that are simple to use, work together seamlessly, and are backed by robust, education-focused support.

The perfect example of this is your school wireless solution.

A wireless solution is a key enabler to ensuring you can maximise your ICT. Whether it is crucial lesson time or the overall management of your online community, an efficient and effective wireless solution will streamline your digital ecosystem, providing a reliable service across not only your classroom but your entire school.

We all know that digital learning is a fantastic way to engage and motivate students. However, if you suffer from intermittent Wi-Fi, the use of technology in classrooms is likely to be more disruptive than beneficial. A strong wireless solution reinforces and enhances your pedagogical delivery allowing students to get even more from your carefully planned lessons.


Taking learning on the move

The benefits of a robust wireless solution aren’t exclusive to the classroom either, as seamless coverage will provide additional support across the entire school – including your school office, your staff room, the school hall and even in the playground, meaning access to truly flexible learning and day-to-day school business activities.


Protecting while connecting your learning community

So your students and staff now have seamless access but what about visitors and guests?

You may have invited an education consultant to deliver a robotics class or a key speaker for an INSET day. It could be an external supplier delivering key building work or even one of your own students (if your school offers a bring your own device (BYOD) scheme), and granted, you want everyone to have access to be able to work effectively and efficiently, but do you want them to have access to your internal network?

Modern Wi-Fi solutions allow you to create varying access levels for varying users in various areas, keeping you in control of your network and how it is used, and ultimately protecting your establishment from risk and security breaches.


Unlocking potential

Previously a “nice-to-have”, your school Wi-Fi now forms a crucial, strategic layer to your IT infrastructure that accelerates teaching and learning, and we can help you deliver this modern and comprehensive wireless technology for your entire learning estate.

The Dataspire wireless offering has been designed specifically for schools with the latest technologies from our industry-leading partners to offer long term scalability and high performance.


The Dataspire Wireless Solution can:

Improved Outcomes

  • Provide a seamless teaching and learning experience
  • Increase interaction and productivity
  • Improve communications between staff and students
  • Improve learning facilities
  • Provide instant access to a wide range of online resources
  • Allow easier collaboration with peers and teachers
  • Increase student engagement and interaction
  • Improve parent/teacher communications
  • Reduce ongoing maintenance costs
  • Support BYOD aspirations
  • Allow access to unlimited devices

Technical Benefits

  • Manage entire networks from a single dashboard
  • Centralise user controls, applications and devices
  • Give teachers added control with built-in teacher tools
  • Integrate security updates and feature releases
  • Support schools of all sizes from small schools to multi-academy trusts
  • Provide easy administration for a whole-school view
  • Protect your institution from risk and security breaches
  • Future proof your investment with a highly scalable solution


To show you the difference an effective wireless solution can make, we are offering schools a Free Wi-Fi consultation, bespoke to your school and your requirements.

Book your Free School Wi-Fi Consultation


Our consultation is completely free of charge and we will work in partnership with you as no two networks are the same. Each school wireless network is unique to each establishment and so our consultation will include a site survey that:

  • highlights areas of strong and weak signals via a heat map
  • identifies black spots (where connectivity may drop)
  • indicates where access points should be installed for the best and full coverage
  • highlights any constructional or external interferences which may be impacting your service

So that you can enjoy the best possible wireless solution for education, we will then compile our findings and recommendations into a detailed report and present this to you for discussion; and because of our partnerships with leading technology manufacturers, we can offer you the most innovative wireless networking solution available in education today – at the best possible price.

Book your Free Wi-Fi consultation or contact us using the form below to find out how we can help you to keep your classrooms connected.

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