Decarbonising Education

At Dataspire, our aim is to maximise technology for the benefit of pupils, people and the planet and that’s why we have developed a solution that will reduce your carbon footprint through the smarter use of technology.

We’re often asked why an edtech company would have an interest in carbon emissions and a desire to help save the planet, but the simple fact is that:

IT is responsible for 43% of energy use in education!

Besides, we all have a role to play in taking care of the planet and so it’s important that we’re all working together to reach NetZero targets.

If decarbonisation is the act of removing or reducing carbon emissions by switching to low energy/low carbon sources, our first stop should be digital decarbonisation as it allows us to investigate, identify and implement alternative IT solutions that help education establishments to increase energy efficiency and increase sustainability.

While it sounds easier said than done, and with all the challenges that schools are facing, particularly around hikes in energy prices* and no obviously available financial support, transformation will need to begin across how we currently operate and by taking incremental steps of change on the journey toward sustainability.

*The average primary school in the UK spends £31,000 each year on energy bills. That figure increases to £90,000 for secondary schools.


Why we care

Because Dataspire has over 17 years of experience in schools and academies. Our education colleagues have shared their pain points with us and discussed the numerous challenges faced within education, and because we consider ourselves an ICT partner, we wanted to find a comprehensive solution that could help to solve these problems.

To this end, we’ve analysed the data, we’ve done the research and from our findings, we were inspired to create the Dataspire ExpedITion.


The Dataspire ExpedITion

We know that most educational settings would like to play a part in the environmental revolution and create a sustainable ecosystem but what does that mean, what will that take and where do we begin?

The Dataspire ExpedITion is the service that provides tools, solutions, knowledge and support allowing learning communities to thrive in a green economy by transforming the use of technology.

Over a two-year period, we will work closely with you to deliver a defined outcome which will include moving your establishment to the cloud and accelerating your use of serverless, cloud-based technologies.

We’ll help you to develop your sustainability and climate change strategy, its implementation, training and ongoing support and also includes climate literacy for children and young people.

Outcomes to be delivered: 

  • Reducing your energy bills by thousands of pounds
  • Helping you meet the DfE’s NetZero targets
  • Future-proofing your establishment for long-term sustainability
  • Helping you to reinvest in your students’ futures
  • Providing useable data for whole-school improvement
  • Driving staff development for increased retention
  • Actually delivering on these outcomes so that you don’t have to.

We want to support the educational journey to NetZero and the Dataspire ExpedITion enables you to outsource that outcome.

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Join the ExpedITion!

We know the importance of responding to the needs of schools and academies and with climate change high on education’s strategic agenda, it was only natural that we would shift alongside you to provide solutions that bring peace of mind, are outcome-driven and deliver as promised.

That’s why we are looking for an ambitious group of schools and academies that we can take on this journey that not only saves money, improves outcomes and drives schools to deliver the requirements of 21st Century pedagogy, but it does all of this while saving the Earth.

There are 20 spaces available, and we would love for you to join us on this ExpedITion! 

All you have to do is register your interest below and we will contact you to discuss how to begin the journey to NetZero.






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