How can you improve your school’s online capabilities?

Now more than ever, schools need (and want) a reliable Internet connection that will improve teaching and learning, parental engagement, data management and overall school business administration. A day without efficient, reliable connectivity could create untold havoc in the form of lost lesson time, crucial communication channels and subsequent penalties for data loss, so investing in a reliable broadband service is essential.

Without reliable broadband, what does your school day look like?

Well without thinking too deeply, we already know it would be chaos because without reliable, stable and robust connectivity you’d be unable to access systems for pupil registration, learning resources, communications with colleagues across your school and even parents outside of school and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

As an ethos, we understand the importance of planning for now and into the future and so to help schools future proof their technology, Dataspire offers an enhanced broadband solution that will create ICT confidence for your school.

The Dataspire Broadband Service focuses specifically on learners and education and with over 15 years of experience, investment and development, we know exactly what it takes to provide robust, reliable, secure and uninterrupted teaching and learning.


With Dataspire Broadband you receive:

  • the best possible connection for your area
  • connectivity designed specifically for education
  • cost savings on broadband expenditure
  • safeguarding and security features essential to schools
  • flexibility for future strategy and planning
  • support from our expert service desk


More reasons to choose the Dataspire Broadband Service:

Smoother User Experience
Throughout the day your staff, pupils and visitors are all using the Internet at the same time –  downloading curriculum resources, checking email, using telephony systems, shopping, general browsing, watching clips on YouTube and so much more.

Because we look after schools across the country, we also have access to connectivity provisions across the country, and so the Dataspire Broadband Service provides the best possible connectivity for your area ensuring that your school receives an optimal service.

Efficient Management of Information Systems
Developments to schools’ MIS mean that the systems that schools have used and known for many years, will eventually be replaced completely by cloud solutions that change the way that systems are deployed; how data is collected, managed and accessed.

With the majority of products and services migrating to the cloud it’ll be crucial to have a broadband solution that can withstand the current and future demands of your network. The Dataspire Broadband Service presents a wide range of bandwidth options so your connectivity will be flexible enough to grow and evolve alongside the needs of your school.

Keeping Pace with Technological Advancements
With the most popular form of communication being video, how much bandwidth can you spare to motivate and engage with your pupils? Lesson plans are increasingly reliant on video clips to clearly deliver content.

We’ve all experienced the annoying buffering dial but with Dataspire Broadband, you can efficiently stream video without delay and ultimately, keep the attention of your pupils.

Widening your Teaching and Learning Community
The last 12 months alone have seen an increase in the use of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet for face-to-face video communications for the delivery of remote teaching and learning. But as pupils have (currently) returned are we likely to stop using these solutions?

Going forward, video applications could improve the delivery of pupil and peer mentoring, virtual learning for excluded pupils and even improve EAL and MFL. These solutions demand reliable and robust connections as teaching and learning is no longer restricted to the physical classroom, and the Dataspire Broadband Service provides just that.


If all of that isn’t enough, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to deliver robust, reliable secure and uninterrupted teaching and learning at your school.

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