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Since the Cloud enabled the recent paradigm shift in education, isn’t it time we made it a priority?

We’ve seen what it can do, and it is no longer a responsive, interim measure.

Winston Churchill himself would be proud of the way that schools have operated over the last 2 years.

In the face of crisis, we rallied together to ensure the ongoing education of children and young people across the country, and though it took a short while to adjust:

  • Through the Cloud, not only were we able to deliver a solution to the problem but we built the path and started the journey that will enrich teaching and learning now and into the future
  • Through the Cloud, we ensured the sustainable development of children and young people, enabling access to infinite possibilities
  • Through the Cloud, we created the new normal, fostering collaboration between teachers, students, and parents, anytime and anywhere.

So, since the Cloud enabled the recent paradigm shift in education, isn’t it time we made it a priority?

Cloud technology has been bubbling nervously, beneath the education surface for several years and with the nudge of a pandemic, it is now prevalent to many an SLT agenda in one form or another; because Cloud solutions provide huge opportunities to access education. We’ve seen what it can do, and it is no longer a responsive, interim measure.


The Future

Investing in Cloud solutions for education is an essential investment for our future. That is, the future of our students and their future careers and also the future of our planet.

If recent events have taught us anything, it’s that teaching and learning doesn’t have to be restricted to a singular location, and neither do our places of work. This will extend even further in the next 10 years as 65% of today’s students will work in jobs that do not currently exist.



Providing students with digital skills is crucial to future workforce demands, and access to Cloud systems lays the foundation for long-term career success. By redefining teaching and learning through the Cloud, schools are opening the doors to even more opportunities, career possibilities and enabling them to fully participate in the digital world.


Helping both students and school staff to thrive

Just like a robust internet connection, it’s time that Cloud solutions are seen as a necessity for education. We’re more connected than ever and even though we have taken strides in returning to the classroom, schools can, and will, take advantage of the remote/blended/hybrid learning opportunities now so widely available.

It’s also worth noting that many students thrive in blended scenarios over the traditional classroom, which in some cases is favoured by parents too.


Cloud-first approaches are uncovering new ways to educate every day and align with the way we learn and collaborate, both inside and outside of the classroom.

The Department for Education is also encouraging schools to move to the Cloud, to better support blended learning, and teacher retention by providing staff with more freedom and resilience.


Where to begin…

Many schools are already using some form of Cloud-based services, such as:

  • communication tools – including email, video conferencing and telephony
  • core productivity applications – e.g. Microsoft 365, Google Workspace etc.
  • business applications – e.g. management information systems (MIS), HR and finance systems
  • back-office solutions – e.g. filtering, monitoring, backup, storage print management, etc.
  • some are even already using online servers – e.g. full versions of school servers hosted online and managed over the internet

In May 2021, the Department for Education conducted a survey with schools across the country, to understand the use of technology and how it could be used to support cost savings, workload reductions and improved pupil outcomes.

One of the key themes was Cloud-based systems, with the survey highlighting the benefits and the barriers that schools are either experiencing or anticipating in taking a Cloud approach.

As always, the fear of Edtech is greater than the actual risk, as schools could benefit from:


To trial and begin accessing these benefits, some schools have opted for a ‘hybrid’ approach which allows for a mix of Cloud and locally hosted systems or services. This also allows for a gradual approach as it doesn’t have to happen all at once, providing your school with a long-term plan that aligns with your overall ICT strategy – simply putting the pieces in place, as and when you choose.


How can your school take advantage of the Cloud?

We’re certain that you were already aware of the benefits available to education through the Cloud and we’re also certain that the only thing holding you back, is the lack of guidance and/or a blueprint to set these wheels in motion.

And that’s where Dataspire can help.

We’re delighted to introduce the Dataspire Cloud Accelerator – a programme designed specifically for education that will take you step-by-step in moving your school to the Cloud. From understanding your requirements all the way through to training and support, we’ve done all the groundwork so that you don’t have to.

The one thing you will need to do is contact us for an informal chat where we can learn more about your school, your plans for the future and how we can help.

Aren’t you just a little bit curious as to how the Cloud can improve outcomes for your students?

If you are, you should get in touch!

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