Catch up on the latest in ICT for education and how Dataspire can support you in creating outstanding teaching and learning environments, both in the classroom and through remote learning.

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Cyber-Crime: Risks to schools and ways to prevent it

While technology continues to transform the way we live and learn, it does come with its risks, which is why we need to be more vigilant, more educated and more understanding of the risks and how we can prevent them.

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Keeping your classrooms connected

Because education continues to change so rapidly, our future is based on solutions that are simple to use, work together seamlessly, and are backed by robust, education-focused support. Learn how an effective wireless solution can be the key enabler to future-proofing your learning community.

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Cyber-Security in Education: Is your school safe?

Schools and academies should be aware of the risks and threats of cyber-security and have an action plan in place, as they are often targets of scams and attacks with a recent increase in educational establishments across the UK. But how do you manage cyber-security at your school?

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Moving your school to the cloud: Is now the right time?

The cloud makes life easier for everyone and if recent events have taught us anything, it’s that teaching and learning, supported by technology, doesn’t have to be restricted to a singular location. Over the last few years, schools migrating to the cloud has gone from an impossible dream to a reality and here are all the reasons why:

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How can you improve your school’s online capabilities?

Now more than ever, schools need (and want) a reliable Internet connection that will enhance teaching and learning, parental engagement, data management and overall school business administration. So, without reliable broadband, what does your school day look like?

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How to make your school’s ICT budget go further

With new skills required for our future workforce, the technology to teach these constantly evolving, plus the associated costs of keeping pace, is now a good time for schools to reconsider their leasing options?

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