Catch up on the latest in ICT for education and how Dataspire can support you in creating outstanding teaching and learning environments, both in the classroom and through remote learning.

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What can Schools do about Climate Change?

Among recent obvious challenges, climate change is one of the most complex and we all need to do our bit as it’s no longer a trend but a priority. So how can schools help to save the planet?

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Your School in the Cloud

Since the Cloud enabled the recent paradigm shift in education, isn’t it time we made it a priority? We’ve seen what it can do, and it is no longer a responsive, interim measure.

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Online Safety Update (2): New definitions for ‘Appropriate Monitoring’

The UKSIC definitions of ‘Appropriate Monitoring’ have changed. So what does this mean for schools and online safety? 

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Online Safety Update (1): Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021

The DfE has published ‘Keeping children safe in education 2021’ (KCSIE), which went live for all schools on 1 September 2021. What will these changes mean for your online community?

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DfE Connect the Classroom Programme

Connect the Classroom is a programme funded by the Department for Education (DfE) that aims to help schools across the country to access an effective and comprehensive, education-focused wireless networking solution.

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Cyber-Crime: Risks to schools and ways to prevent it

While technology continues to transform the way we live and learn, it does come with its risks, which is why we need to be more vigilant, more educated and more understanding of the risks and how we can prevent them.

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